How to Import Windows Live Mail to Postbox

wlm-to-postboxEmails have proved to be the best technology in the modern as more and more users are drawn towards the usage of emails. Emails also makes the communication and the work of the user easy, emails are useful for both home and professional users.  It is the safest, quickest way to send your data to another computer without comprising the quality. Email has given user the freedom to send and receive mails for free.

There are desktop email clients and web based email clients, these are the types of email clients. Desktop email clients are which are installed in your computer system and does not need web browsers; the key advantage is that user is able to access their emails from almost anywhere and view them offline too, whereas web based email clients will only work till you have internet connection.

In this post you will understand about the two desktop email clients which are Windows Live Mail and the other is Postbox. This article will share the knowledge for the people who want to import Windows Live Mail to Postbox. Read more ›

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How to Transfer IncrediMail Contacts with Advance Addrbook.db3 Converter Tool

imm-contactsEmail contacts are a new way to store information about your clients and it now acts your business card. Email contacts have certainly replaced the use of business cards. Email contacts are very powerful as they contain a lot of information about your client and about a person too. An address book can consist of plenty of things such as first name, middle name, last name, job title, fax number, email id, city, pager etc.

There could be plenty of reasons on why the user wants to transfer IncrediMail contacts. As IncrediMail uses Addrbook.db3 format to store its contacts, many users have complained about the corruption of IncrediMail contacts which compel the users to transfer all their IncrediMail contacts. Plus the format which IncrediMail uses to store its contacts is not compatible with other email clients so, it makes the necessity to transfer them.

AddrBook.db3 is a file format which saves all the contacts of IncrediMail. AddrBook.db3 is simply an address book of the contacts which are present in the IncrediMail email client. You must be wondering when you will a file of the same name but with a slightly different file format and i.e. AddrBook.db3.bak, “bak” means the backup file.

There is a manual way to transfer all your IncrediMail contacts which is as follows: Read more ›

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How to Export Windows Live Mail to Windows 10 files formats

Email clients are considered to be very useful nowadays and they play an important role for communication. Without email clients there is no other possible application which can easily perform the function of sending data and receiving it so quickly. As the mobile computing is on a high, everyone has their own email client which is personalized according to their needs.

Email clients also help to read the emails even when they user is offline. For example: when a user has a laptop and does not have an internet connection. Now, if the user wants to open an email message, he won’t be able to but with the help of an email client the user would be able to read the message because the messages would be stored in the hard drive of the computer.

This post will explain the best way to export the Windows Live Mail files to different formats – pst, pdf, mbox, mbx, emlx, msg, html, rtf. Read more ›

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How to Convert EML Files with the help of EML File Converter

Emails play an important role in day to day life. The big organization or even the small one, everyone needs to use email. Emails have come a long way since 1993 and is now a part of everyone’s life. Email is popular and so are the email clients. There are many email clients present in the market which can do the task of sending and receiving emails seamlessly. The file formats are mostly different for every email client. File formats also are of important use because they are the formats in which all the emails are saved. Read more ›

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Export Thunderbird to Exchange Server With Simple Method

I was using Mozilla Thunderbird and had it configured for my personal use. Mozilla Thunderbird was working well for quite a time but then I was not able to send new messages. At first, I thought it is some minor problem and I again re-configured my Thunderbird. The problem still continued, I searched on plenty of forums and tried many solutions. I was not able to send messages from my Thunderbird. These mails were important to me and I was getting behind day by day, then my friend suggested me to try Microsoft Exchange Server.

This post is about Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Exchange Server. Read more ›

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Migrating from CommuniGate Pro to Exchange Server with Quick Export Emails Tool


Servers play an important role in today’s competitive and advance environment. So, what are servers? Servers are basically a centralized system and from which other users which in technical term is known as clients and these clients are connected to a server by LAN or WAN. There are various types of servers such as mail servers, file servers and web servers.  A mail server simply stores email accounts, sends and receives mail messages. A web server stores the web pages. In file server other users can access the files which are stored on other computers.

In this article you will get to know about the two mostly used mail servers which are CommuniGate Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.

CommuniGate Pro

CommuniGate Pro is an advanced email server. By using SMTP protocol CommuniGate Pro can exchange mails with other servers. It also access mailboxes by using MAPI and POP. Users are given option to customize their interface which will make the mailing experience even better.

All the files in CommuniGate Pro are stored at a default location which is: C:\CommuniGate Files\Accounts.  The folders in CommuniGate have .macnt extension. The inbox and contacts data are in MBOX format.

Why to choose Microsoft Exchange Server? Read more ›

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Incredimail to PDF Migration Instantly

immtopdfI was using IncrediMail in my system and IncrediMail was working well until I upgraded IncrediMail to a new version. After the update I was not able to receive any email. This problem gave me headache as I was not able continue with my work. I tried many different solutions for this problem but nothing worked, I even tried to uninstall and install the previous version of IncrediMail which I was using before. There was literally no solution for this problem and I was losing my important mails due to this problem.  I did not want to shift, to a new email client as it would take even much more time to create new account settings and most importantly transferring all my IMM files into other email client’s format. So, I preferred to export my IncrediMail to PDF with the help of software. Read more ›

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