How to Convert OST Files to EML Windows Live Mail

ost-to-wlmMy Microsoft Outlook got corrupted and displayed crashed error and now it is not working properly. I have urgent requirement to import OST files to Windows Live Mail due to the demand of my workplace. I am upset with my situation as I don’t know how to get exact solution for that. Can anybody help me?

Few time ago, I had also gone through the above query and then after many searches I got a solution from my friend. By surfing I also got more knowledge about the OST files, Windows Live Mail, its files and its conversion solution that I have mentioned below in detail –

OST means for Offline Storage Tables. It (.ost) is an offline folder which is created by Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange Server to embrace offline copies of whatsoever exists in the MS Exchange Server. To make it easier to understand, Offline folders make it possible for the people to work offline and when you come online it will synchronize itself with your Exchange Server mailbox. The capability to work offline is useful in environment with restricted or unreliable connectivity.  Offline folders are copies of the folders found in your mailbox on your system or computer that is running MS Exchange. You can delete, change and add the contents of an offline folder correctly as you can for a folder on a server.

Windows Live Mail is launched by Microsoft. It is also named as Windows Live Mail Desktop and is code named as “Elroy”. It is a desktop email client and used by several users or organization. It is replacement of Windows Vista & Outlook Express mail client. Now it comes with MS essential suite package which include several programs of Microsoft – Windows Live Mail, Live Writer, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and OneDrive. It has capability to create multiple accounts and include webmail – gmail, It is capable to view calendar, emails and other features in offline mode and also support security features. It has ability to set up and view RSS feeds within it. It supports .eml extension to save files. Now question that occurs is –

What is EML files?

EML is single email extension for Electronic mail message saved to a file in the MIME RFC 822 standard extension by Microsoft. In some cases, however, it can also be generated by other email clients or founder. It contains plain ASCII text for email header and message content body as well as hyperlinks & attachments, etc.

How to Import OST file into Windows Live Mail

Now our aim is that how to import OST files from Outlook to Windows Live Mail and for that we have to convert OST files to EML file format because Windows Live Mail supports .eml extension. We have known that both OST & EML files are not similar. These both are absolutely different from each other by feature or mail client so default conversion of OST to PST is not easy or probable so the OST File Converter proves good solution at this time to easily import OST file into Windows Live Mail.

The program is generated to solve users’ problem about How to export OST files to EML file format. It can simply convert OST files to EML extension. It supports batch approach to import multiple .ost file or folders to .eml extension in single round processing. By using the program you can save your attachments from OST to Windows Live Mail and also save all images from OST to EML. The program supports all Outlook 64 & 32 bit versions – 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. for OST files for conversion into Windows Live Mail.

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