Convert Outlook to Adobe PDF With Outlook File Converter

When your MS Outlook does not work, then you have to look for other methods to convert your MS Outlook files to another file format. You must be looking to convert Outlook to Adobe PDF but the process is not simple as it look likes.

The requirement of email clients is everywhere. You just have to find a right email client for your needs & your work would become easy. If you need an email client for a specific then you will choose such an email client. You can choose any email client because there are too many email applications for the user. If you don’t know much about email applications, then don’t worry because it is very simple to understand. The email applications are broadly classified into two categories: first is desktop email applications and the second category is web based email applications.

In desktop email applications the user is able to work with their emails even when there is no internet connection plus there are email clients which offers offline mode (which means a user can work while disconnecting the internet connection). Some of the popular email applications are Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra, Mac Mail, etc.

There are also other applications which are popular & with the applications the file formats are also very popular among the users. There is a file format which is as popular as the application itself, it is PDF. The post will explain about on how to convert Outlook to Adobe PDF. The main centre of attraction in the article is MS Outlook & PDF.

What are the problems with MS Outlook?

It is an email application which is popularly sold by Microsoft. The main purpose of this email applications is that it helps to manage emails, organizing meetings plus you can also schedule with the help of MS Outlook. If you are also finding a way to transfer MS Outlook data to another application or another file format, then they may find it difficult. The migration is not a simple one. There are problems with MS Outlook because of which user would want to switch from the MS Outlook:

  • When MS Outlook becomes slow: This can happened because of plenty of reasons like when the size of your PST files would get increased. When the size is increased the MS Outlook would not work properly. The add-ons becomes the reason which will corrupt the PST files.
  • Email also vary on various devices: If you are having MS Outlook set up on two devices then some users can also have the problem, when the emails on both the devices does not sync after a time. This problem will irritate the user & disturb the work flow.
  • PST files are corrupted: This is also one of the common reasons why a user would want to migrate from MS Outlook. Now, when the PST files would get corrupted then the user would not open these corrupted files.
  • When your Outlook crashes: MS Outlook is after all an application which means that it can crash. This can be a reason to switch from MS Outlook to a new file format.

Why to Convert Outlook to Adobe PDF?

PDF is also known as portable document format, the file format is famous among many users. The PDF is certainly a more professional file format than the MS Outlook’s file format which is PST. PDF files can be used on any device without any problem as it is a universal file format. PDF documents are also much secure than most of the file formats, which is great because then this file format can also be used in the court of law. You can convert your file to the PDF document without losing any quality or data in the conversion process. The software which you need to read PDF files is also free. The software is Adobe Reader which is also available for the mobile devices. You can also protect your PDF files with a password. User is also able to add music, movies, media plus hyperlinks to PDF file.

The next step would be to How Outlook to Adobe PDF?

The email messages which are there in MS Outlook is in PST file format. PST files does store all the copies of the email messages locally. There is also a manual method which can be used if you are desperate for any solution:

  • Load the MS Outlook file & click on the Inbox
  • Now, open the email
  • Click on the file button
  • Select print
  • Select the drop down & choose print to PDF
  • Select on the print option
  • You will now have to save the PDF file with the desired name & choose your favourable location

What is the best method to convert Outlook to Adobe PDF?

If we talk about the methods through which the conversion is possible then there are endless methods which a user can try to get complete conversion. The user should not get to smart & try any method which is available without knowing its pros & cons. There are some process which are commonly used & these methods are given below:

Manual Way: The manual process makes it difficult for the user to convert their required files. This method is outdated but is used because the method is free. It has plenty of complex steps which is difficult for the user to implement. Another drawback of this method is the user is only able to convert a single file at a time.

Third Party Tool: The third party tool will make it easy for the user to convert Outlook to Adobe PDF. The tool will have a batch mode option which makes it easy for the user to convert Outlook files to PDF.

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