How to Save Thunderbird Email As PDF With This Guide

When a user wants to transfer their data to some other email application, there might be a case when a user is facing a dilemma on how to save Thunderbird email as PDF. You can take a look at the process which is explained in this article.

Everyone requires an email client to work & make certain things easier for themselves & also to the people around them. Users now have plenty of options to choose from the applications. We can simply classify email applications into two categories which are desktop email clients & the other is web based email clients.

This post will tell you about the user query which has used Mozilla Thunderbird. The query is explained below:

User query: My Mozilla Thunderbird crashes when “copy of the message is then sent to “sent folder”.

I configured a new account in my Mozilla Thunderbird with SMTP out-going & IMAP going in. All of the folders & mails were easily imported from the server. I was receiving new emails without any problem, plus I was able to delete any email. Everything was working quite well with my email client which was Mozilla Thunderbird. I sent messages & they were getting delivered in a systematic way but whenever I tried to save any email in the ‘sent’ folder & it started to hang.

The real problem with my Mozilla Thunderbird is that whenever I wanted to save a copy of email in the “sent folder” which is in the root folder. If folder is not created then Mozilla Thunderbird will also create the folder itself. In this case it was created so my Mozilla Thunderbird continuously hangs.

The possible solution is to stop the Thunderbird process but it cannot be done every time. There was no possible solution for this problem, because of that I was losing plenty of work. The solution which I searched did not work & I finally had to look for a new solution.

Methods: How to save Thunderbird email as PDF?

You can search for plenty of methods for the problem on how to save Thunderbird email as PDF, the process is given below:

  • Manual Way: The process is not a useful one because of plenty of limitations. There is a risk while converting with this method as your Thunderbird files can get corrupted. The manual method will take time because of there are complex steps & it is not possible to convert all the files at the same time.
  • Freeware: Freeware are the software’s as the name suggests are available for free. Nothing is completely free and that is the case with freeware, they are not completely free as they have hidden costs, advertisements, promotional offers, malware, etc. In simple terms it means that they will only keyword for a limited period of time. After some time they will not get any updates & would become incompetent. They are not a good method for conversion over a long period of time. You can only use them for a limited amount of time.
  • Third party tool: The third party tool will make it easy for how to save Thunderbird email as PDF. All the files would get completed & the formatting of the files would also remain same. Use Thunderbird Converter by PCVARE to solve all the conversion problems you are facing.
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