How To Export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 Free – Full Guide

There always comes a time when a user wants to migrate their data to other email client. It might be a scenario to export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 free demo tool. You can easily follow the method which is very easy to understand.

You need an application to make things easier for you. An application can be anything from an email client to web browsers or anything. The main use of applications is to make the work easy for the user. There are many applications which needs no introduction such as Adobe Reader, Ms Outlook, and Google Chrome to name a few. If we take a look at the contribution of email applications then you will be amazed to see that the users email applications have been around millions. There is a rapid growth among the users regarding email applications.

This post will take a look at such an email client which has been popular for some time: Mozilla Thunderbird. It is a desktop email client (for those who does not have any idea about desktop email clients); in desktop email applications a user can work even when there is no connection. It is very beneficial in the professional because in this scenario a user would not lose any work. This post will help to export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 free, without any cost.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a total featured, very functional & secure, RSS feed reader & a chat client. It will also let the user handle the mail efficiently & the junk mail is filtered too. Mozilla Thunderbird will not show all your related messages, documents, posts, sites, etc. Thunderbird can be also more helpful if there would be some feature to reply the text or tags.

MS Outlook

MS Outlook is the popular email client which is used by many organizations all round the world. Outlook file would create the PST file which will save the mailbox information of the user. MS Outlook is secure, connects with other applications, and works with MS Exchange makes it a number one application to use. The user because MS Outlook is more superior than the Thunderbird which makes the user to look for Export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 free demo tool.

There are lots of methods which a user can follow for the conversion process & you will the best method for the conversion is:

Manual method to Export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 free

As you can see in the above method that you are only able to convert one file at a time. This is not what professionals would like or anyone would like about this method. The method can be seen below:

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Open the folder which you want to export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013
  • Choose all email messages you desire to export
  • Press & hold ‘Ctrl’ button and you can select multiple messages or you can also select all the messages by ‘Ctrl + A’
  • Open your MS Outlook 2013
  • Go & right click on ‘Outlook’ folder & select ‘new folder’ in the menu
  • Enter the name of the folder & create a new folder
  • Select all the messages that you have exported from the thunderbird to the EML format
  • Choose & also drag every email to the pane of MS Outlook 2013 & then import every message to a newly folder
  • When the process is successfully done, then you can view your every message in the Outlook 2013

There are also drawbacks with the manual process such as there is a risk of the data loss, there is not at all guarantee that you will get total conversion, the process is complex plus it will take a lot of time to finish this process, it is also not at all possible to export multiple emails with the help of the manual method, there are chances that your files can get corrupted, it is a time consuming & also a complex process.

So, you should take the help of a professional tool which can be done with export Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 free demo tool. The third party application will also provide the users to convert Thunderbird emails with the help of a batch mode to Outlook PST format which can be opened in any version of the MS Outlook. User can without any problem convert Thunderbird to MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007, etc.

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