How to Import Windows Live Mail to Postbox

wlm-to-postboxEmails have proved to be the best technology in the modern as more and more users are drawn towards the usage of emails. Emails also makes the communication and the work of the user easy, emails are useful for both home and professional users.  It is the safest, quickest way to send your data to another computer without comprising the quality. Email has given user the freedom to send and receive mails for free.

There are desktop email clients and web based email clients, these are the types of email clients. Desktop email clients are which are installed in your computer system and does not need web browsers; the key advantage is that user is able to access their emails from almost anywhere and view them offline too, whereas web based email clients will only work till you have internet connection.

In this post you will understand about the two desktop email clients which are Windows Live Mail and the other is Postbox. This article will share the knowledge for the people who want to import Windows Live Mail to Postbox.

Windows Live Mail

A fine email client that is easily distributed by Microsoft and it works on Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10 and Windows 7. Windows Live Mail was launched in 2007. User can sync their contacts with the help of Windows Live Mail. It also has separate folders for diverse POP accounts.

EML is the file format which is the default format of Windows Live Mail. EML is a plain file which saves all the mails in MIME RFC 822 format.

The real question is that what user will do when they want to import Windows Live Mail emails, for this user needs Windows Live Mail files which they can get by following the given methods:

  • Open your Windows Live Mail email client
  • Click on>> File menu button>>then Export Email>>Export Messages>> finally on the Windows Live Mail files
  • Save these files to a desired location

The other way is to directly go to the store location:

Windows 7 version: C:\Users\ logon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

Windows XP version: C:\Documents and Settings\ logon \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

The next step after locating all your Windows Live Mail files is to import them but to choose an email client is a tough task and below is the solution.

Postbox is an email client which gives tough competition to Windows Live Mail and defeats it easily. Postbox has cloud file sharing which means user can share OneDrive or Dropbox files, it also has a quick bar, there is also a code mode available for users who want tweak themes according to themselves, there is quick folder switch option, and you can search very quickly by using advanced search option.

As Postbox and Windows Live Mail both have different file formats so the only option which is left with the users is that they have to use a converter to Import Windows Live Mail to Postbox.

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Windows Live Mail to Postbox converter can do the conversion perfectly. The converter has auto detect feature and it also allows the users to select the complete folder and is able to import all the files which are present inside the folder. This tool runs on almost every Windows operating system.

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