How to Transfer IncrediMail Contacts with Advance Addrbook.db3 Converter Tool

imm-contactsEmail contacts are a new way to store information about your clients and it now acts your business card. Email contacts have certainly replaced the use of business cards. Email contacts are very powerful as they contain a lot of information about your client and about a person too. An address book can consist of plenty of things such as first name, middle name, last name, job title, fax number, email id, city, pager etc.

There could be plenty of reasons on why the user wants to transfer IncrediMail contacts. As IncrediMail uses Addrbook.db3 format to store its contacts, many users have complained about the corruption of IncrediMail contacts which compel the users to transfer all their IncrediMail contacts. Plus the format which IncrediMail uses to store its contacts is not compatible with other email clients so, it makes the necessity to transfer them.

AddrBook.db3 is a file format which saves all the contacts of IncrediMail. AddrBook.db3 is simply an address book of the contacts which are present in the IncrediMail email client. You must be wondering when you will a file of the same name but with a slightly different file format and i.e. AddrBook.db3.bak, “bak” means the backup file.

There is a manual way to transfer all your IncrediMail contacts which is as follows:

  • Launch your IncrediMail and click on the ‘file menu’  then to ‘export’ and choose ‘contacts’
  • You will now see ‘save as’ and then click on ‘save’ to save ‘IncrediMail Exported Contacts’ which is in csv format and then click on next
  • You have your address book and you can copy to a further secure location.

You can easily recover your IncrediMail Exported Contacts into other computer which is having IncrediMail configured in it.

Now, the question is that what if the user wants to transfer IncrediMail contacts to another email client on some other system. There is no clear method which will allow to directly transferring IncrediMail contacts. The only way is do this with the help of converter as the converter will transfer and will offer the complete solution to this problem. There are other several methods which they can use but still they do not offer the same things like converter does. The other methods include manual way which is an outdated process and does not help much either, plus it consumes lot of time.

The IncrediMail Contacts Converter will help you with the conversion. The tool is capable to transfer any amount of contacts and that too without any problem. The tool will transfer your IncrediMail contacts in other format such as which better email clients Outlook supports and user can view these contacts in both 32 & 64 bit versions. The tool also offers you with an auto detect feature which saves the time of the user as it cuts the task of finding the location of IncrediMail emails. The converter is capable to keep the formatting and details of the contacts as they were before the conversion.

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  1. Really it is helpful post for those who are looking for solution to view contacts of incredimail.

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