How to Export Windows Live Mail to Windows 10 files formats

Email clients are considered to be very useful nowadays and they play an important role for communication. Without email clients there is no other possible application which can easily perform the function of sending data and receiving it so quickly. As the mobile computing is on a high, everyone has their own email client which is personalized according to their needs.

Email clients also help to read the emails even when they user is offline. For example: when a user has a laptop and does not have an internet connection. Now, if the user wants to open an email message, he won’t be able to but with the help of an email client the user would be able to read the message because the messages would be stored in the hard drive of the computer.

This post will explain the best way to export the Windows Live Mail files to different formats – pst, pdf, mbox, mbx, emlx, msg, html, rtf.


Windows Live Mail

It is a popular email program which is used by millions of user worldwide. It works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2. It is a freeware and is available to download through Windows Essentials package. There is also an option to handle multiple accounts- Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail. Users can also sync Windows Live Contacts easily.

File format in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail uses EML as its default format. They are basically saved in the standardized format in MIME RFC 822 format. This format is a very simple format.

Need to export Windows Live Mail messages

There are many applications which users try and use nowadays. These application or programs does not use EML as their format. Most of the applications have diverse file formats. The users now know that there is not perfect and a direct method to export Windows Live Mail messages simply to another format.

EML is not a universal file format for the email clients. Users have seen the problems with the EML file format. Users when using different programs which are certainly better than Windows Live Mail are increasing day by day and Windows Live Mail is left behind completely from the race.

Windows Live Mail has problems such as freezing problem, not able to receive mails, launching error, etc. So, the user has to now look for other ways because there is not a perfect way to do the export of Windows Live Mail emails.

Ways to export Windows Live Mail data

The simple way is to a converter tool which only focuses on the quality of the files and also gives the users a very easy interface to operate on.

There is not a perfect way to Export Windows Live Mail to Windows 10 multiple files format – MBOX, MBX, PDF, PST, HTML, RTF, EMLX, MSG, etc. The converter not only gives amazing results but also protects the data from going corrupt. It is the safest method which a user can come across. It has zero risk and is much better than the manual conversion method.

About Tool

This converter tool is a simple tool with a neat user interface but it is much more powerful than it looks. The main USP of this converter is that it allows exporting Windows Live Mail into not only just a single format but into multiple formats like [MBOX, HTML, RTF, PST, PDF, EMLX, MSG, and MBX].

If you have converted your Windows Live Mail to Outlook, then there is no need to worry your file will be supported in Outlook 64 & 32 bit. It works with Windows Operating System. It consists of The File Naming Option. The tool is also able to read EMLX files.

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