How to Convert EML Files with the help of EML File Converter

Emails play an important role in day to day life. The big organization or even the small one, everyone needs to use email. Emails have come a long way since 1993 and is now a part of everyone’s life. Email is popular and so are the email clients. There are many email clients present in the market which can do the task of sending and receiving emails seamlessly. The file formats are mostly different for every email client. File formats also are of important use because they are the formats in which all the emails are saved.

In this post you will get to know about how can you convert EML files easily and with the help of some external tool.

EML files are used in email clients and are also the default format of many email clients. EML is like a single text file and also is in standardized format. The header basically contains the name of the sender and also of the recipient. The body of the email has the message. The advantage of EML files are that they can be opened easily with various email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage, IncrediMail and Apple Mail.

The need to convert EML files to other format is nothing new. There are also many ways in which the user can perform this EML conversion. There are manual methods which means by the “drag & drop” way. This method is not suitable for converting large number of EML files because it has limitations as thorough this procedure user would not be able convert even 10-20 emails at a time.

Another way is to go with the freeware which are available for free on internet. These tools are free and their limitations are that they are not updated enough and are mostly full of bugs. Another problem of using  freeware is that they are free so, the quality of the tool is not always up to the mark as it should be.

The easiest and simple way to convert EML files into some other format is by using a converter tool. There are many advantages of using converter tool. They are fast, provide accurate results, and convert the files without any issue.

Use EML file Converter

Now choosing a perfect tool is as important as the conversion process. If a user chooses a wrong converter tool then the quality of the resultant files would not be of great quality and data can also get corrupted. Users can try EML file converter which is a fine tool to convert your EML files into many formats such as:

  • MBOX(Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • EMLX(Mac Mail)
  • MBX(Eudora)
  • HTML(Internet Explorer)
  • RTF(MS Office)
  • PDF(Acrobat Reader)
  • PST(MS Outlook)
  • MSG(MS Exchange)

The demo version is offered for free and converts only 25 mails. The pro version easily converts EML files with the whole conversion and has no limit on the number of files, the user can convert. The tool also has an option to the whole folder.

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