Export Thunderbird to Exchange Server With Simple Method

I was using Mozilla Thunderbird and had it configured for my personal use. Mozilla Thunderbird was working well for quite a time but then I was not able to send new messages. At first, I thought it is some minor problem and I again re-configured my Thunderbird. The problem still continued, I searched on plenty of forums and tried many solutions. I was not able to send messages from my Thunderbird. These mails were important to me and I was getting behind day by day, then my friend suggested me to try Microsoft Exchange Server.

This post is about Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Mozilla Thunderbird  

It is simply an email client distributed by Mozilla foundation. Thunderbird is very easy to set up and is maintains the privacy of the user. It helps the user to handle emails effectively and with style too. Thunderbird allows the user to search messages fast and sort results by contact, date, etc.  Thunderbird easily runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Location of Mozilla Thunderbird emails

Launch Thunderbird, click on Tools Menu » Account Settings » Local Folder

It will show a store folder location. Copy and paste this location in your Window’s search browser. You will see two files of different formats. One file will have an .msf extension and the other file would be without extension. The file which has .msf extension is nothing but an index file. The files which are without extension are basically .mbox files. Rename them to .mbox files.

Why Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is distributed by Microsoft and it works only Windows Server products. Microsoft Exchange Server lets access full mailbox from various location, which means access them anywhere and anytime. Exchange Server also helps with distribution and cooperation; you can easily set up meetings with co-workers. There are also Public Folders meaning user can store their emails at one place and can access them at any time. With Exchange Server users does not have worry about if their computer crashes, it will bring back the entire data into the new computer.

Now when the user has the location of the Thunderbird emails the next easy step is to export Thunderbird to Exchange Server. There is not a direct solution to transfer our Thunderbird emails to Exchange Server. The users now have to use a direct solution and that is to use Thunderbird to Exchange Server Converter.

Thunderbird to Exchange Server Converter gives the users the option to convert Thunderbird emails with the help of batch mode option and also works with all Windows operating systems. The user can export virtually Thunderbird files of any size.

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