Migrating from CommuniGate Pro to Exchange Server with Quick Export Emails Tool


Servers play an important role in today’s competitive and advance environment. So, what are servers? Servers are basically a centralized system and from which other users which in technical term is known as clients and these clients are connected to a server by LAN or WAN. There are various types of servers such as mail servers, file servers and web servers.  A mail server simply stores email accounts, sends and receives mail messages. A web server stores the web pages. In file server other users can access the files which are stored on other computers.

In this article you will get to know about the two mostly used mail servers which are CommuniGate Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.

CommuniGate Pro

CommuniGate Pro is an advanced email server. By using SMTP protocol CommuniGate Pro can exchange mails with other servers. It also access mailboxes by using MAPI and POP. Users are given option to customize their interface which will make the mailing experience even better.

All the files in CommuniGate Pro are stored at a default location which is: C:\CommuniGate Files\Accounts.  The folders in CommuniGate have .macnt extension. The inbox and contacts data are in MBOX format.

Why to choose Microsoft Exchange Server?

Microsoft Exchange is developed Microsoft and it exclusively supports and works on all the products of Microsoft.  Microsoft Exchange helps to protect the sensitive data from unauthorized people. It helps you to keep your main data in one place by archiving large email and mailboxes. Microsoft Exchange Server protects your sensitive data from email threats; customize your Exchange with the web-based apps for Outlook and by using Exchange you can access your contacts which are present at a common place. It also support large disk sizes till 8TB.

The new features of Microsoft Exchange Server are such as:

  • Combine Roles
  • Outlook on web which is basically is user interface changes. It was formerly known as Outlook Web App.
  • Office 365 Hybrid, this feature was presented in Exchange 2013 and now is in position to become cloud-based app.

If the user has the need for migrating from CommuniGate Pro to Exchange Server then there is a no direct solution to convert CommuniGate Pro files to Exchange Server. And this conversion will be very useful as now the Exchange server files can be also used with the Microsoft Outlook and as Outlook is the most used email client. So, it is a win-win situation for the users.

The users can take help of the CommuniGate Migration Tool. This software provides excellent features like the user can convert multiple CommuniGate Pro files into Exchange Server. This software auto-detects the CommuniGate Pro files which mean that if the user does not know the location.

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