Incredimail to PDF Migration Instantly

immtopdfI was using IncrediMail in my system and IncrediMail was working well until I upgraded IncrediMail to a new version. After the update I was not able to receive any email. This problem gave me headache as I was not able continue with my work. I tried many different solutions for this problem but nothing worked, I even tried to uninstall and install the previous version of IncrediMail which I was using before. There was literally no solution for this problem and I was losing my important mails due to this problem.  I did not want to shift, to a new email client as it would take even much more time to create new account settings and most importantly transferring all my IMM files into other email client’s format. So, I preferred to export my IncrediMail to PDF with the help of software.


IncrediMail is a very advanced email client with plenty of multimedia features and visual effects. It is completely free to use. The user can always get extra IncrediMail visual features such as Animations, Ecards, Letters, Sounds and Notifiers. Plus IncrediMail is not at all difficult to use, the developers have made IncrediMail simple and that too without changing the features.

Now, to convert IncrediMail files to PDF, the users must first know the location of their IncrediMail files in their system which is given below:

  • For Windows XP/2000/NT: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Logon Name(usually your name)\Local Settings\Application Data\IM
  • For Windows Vista/7: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\IM

Then you can copy the following folders in your system, skins, Ecard, notifier, animations, sound and letter.

Now the user would choose PDF over IncrediMail because PDF is a very simple format and PDF is also very popular among users worldwide. PDF is developed by Adobe and the document is in electronic form so that is the main advantage of PDF. The PDF is very secure and if you edit it then also it will leave a footprint, hallmark or passwords. PDF is also used nowadays in mostly every government organization. Plus PDF files are platform independent; PDF files can consist of unlimited data within them and that too of high quality. So, they are smaller in size but the quality of files remains same, the files can be combined with various types of data like graphics, images, animations and etc.

The last step is to convert your IncrediMail files to PDF and this can be done only with the help of software as there is not a manual method to do this. And the software which helped me is IncrediMail to PDF converter. This software has plenty features such as it maintains the primary folder layout, user can open converted files in any version of Acrobat Reader, This software also gives plenty of file naming options, no limit to convert number of files. User can convert thousands of files very easily and within minutes too, also retains the formatting of files precisely, also works on every Windows operating system.

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