To View/Open VMDK file use VMDK Viewer

Some basic Knowledge about Virtualization-

You maybe know a little knowledge about Virtualization, if you have ever divided your hard drive into different partition in same machine. Virtualization just a process in which multiple Operating systems runs on single physical host system. There are two popular vendors available in the market offering Virtual Machine i.e. VMware and Microsoft. And Virtualization provides hypervisors for different OS to create Virtual Machines. There are many types of hypervisors present such as- Oracle V, Parallels desktop for MS hyper-V, MAC, Citrix Xen Server, Innotek Virtual Box, Virtual box, Citrix Xen Desktop and etc. Hypervisor creates infrastructure efficient as well as simple. There are some advantages of using.

  • Maintains the cost
  • Provides safety and security in machines
  • Makes easy to manage & control Operating System

What is VMDK file?

VMDK (Virtual machine disk) file is a format specification. It is basically used with VMware virtual machine files.  A file with .vmdk file extension is a complete virtual machine using VMware virtualization software and many other platforms that support VMDK files like- Sun XVM, Virtual box, QEMU and many others. The most important advantage of .vmdk file is simplicity and convenience.

Complete data file of virtual machine is saved in .vmdk file extensions, because a virtual disk is made up of one or more .vmdk files. If you have specified the virtual disk should be split into 2GB chunks, the number of .vmdk files depends on the size of virtual disk. As all data is added to a virtual disk, the .vmdk files grow in size, to a maximum of 2GB each.Almost all of.vmdk files content is the virtual machine’s data, with a little portion allotted to virtual machine overhead.

If virtual machine directly connected to physical disk, rather than to a virtual disk, then the .vmdk file saves data about that partitions the virtual machine is allowed to access.

The default software associated to .vmdk files type-

VMware Workstation- It is popular application & used to create virtual computer machines. It supports virtualization of many computer OS, i.e. Mac Operating System, Linux, Windows OS, FreeBSD, MS-DOS etc. Basically VMware can migrate an existing physical system into VMware virtual Machine. Each virtual machine represents a computer, processor, network connection, memory and many more….

VMware fusion- It is software used to migrate Windows to Mac computer. It is able to run Windows application into Mac with maximum speed.

If you have any query about .vmdk files like- you are not able to view/read .vmdk file due to virus attack. So in this situation you may require a specific approach that can easily do this task without any damage.

Therefore, you can use VMDK Viewer. The software is very easy and view/read your all the .vmdk file with proper information. VMDK Viewer maintains the formatting of VMDK file during the preview. It allows viewing files ranging up to 40 TB of virtual hard disk. Easily view deleted files & folders from .vmdk virtual machines. It’s another function is that it first scans the damage and corrupted files then shows the preview of .vmdk files. To view .vmdk files the best thing in this software that it is absolutely freeware. It is capable to works all Windows platform.

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