Know How to Read, Mount MBOX files with MBOX File Reader – Free Tool

view-mboxMine MBOX files got corrupted and they were very important to me as they contained all my important data. So I was searching for the PERFECT software but could not find any as some where difficult to use others were not doing what they were supposed to do and the ones which were working were not “FREE”. Then I found a solution ie MBOX File Reader which solved all my problems. For those who have used email must have heard what MBOX is. And those who are not familiar with this term it’s just a file format which is most of the email clients use to store and compose mails.


It’s a file format used to hold compilation of mail messages. These files have an extension .mbox, if you any file ending with this extension it means that it’s a MBOX file. MBOX is a transparent text file which encloses emails just as 7-bit ASCII text and other things like attachments are saved in encoded form.

The start of each line in MBOX format is marked by “FROM_”. If there is an empty file and it is succeeded by “FROM” at the beginning of the line then you will see a new message. To see of this crucial situation, we should carefully check for “FROM” and see that it should not be present at the starting of a new line.

Family of MBOX

There are several modified versions of MBOX. The most commonly used variants of MBOX are as follows:-

mboxrd, mboxcl2, mboxcl and mboxo.

  1. MBOXO – It’s a modification of the initial MBOX format in which constant string is used in position of sender’s email address. Eudora is a perfect example which uses mboxo format. Both messages and attachments are kept in different folder. Messages are not saved as they were arrived, messages are stored in other folder and if they contain any attachments they are saved separately as single files.
  2. MBOXRD – It’s another version of mboxo format. The beginning of the message is determined by “FROM” at the starting of line either in body of the message or in the header. The popular clients which use mboxrd are qmail and netscape, thunderbird, Mozilla etc.
  3. MBOXCL – It was used by UNIX ‘System V’ mailboxes. When a mail needs to be included to mboxcl file, it gets transformed before including into the file. The message has a ‘>’ character pre included to any line whether it is in body or header that starts with five letters ‘F’, ‘r’, ‘o’, ‘m’. For locating of the start of message mboxcl applies a header. It indicates the length of message body that helps in locating start and end of the message.
  4. MBOXCL2 – Its same as mboxcl, it also does not uses any “FROM” instead uses content length header to show the start & end of a message. No changes are done since a message is included to an mboxcl2 file.

Location of MBOX file:-

MBOX files can be located at the default position:-


Note – This location can differ for other clients.

Clients Supporting MBOX: – The most frequently MBOX utilizing clients are: AppleMail, Mulberry, Spicebird, Netscape, Evolution, Cone, Gnu Mail, OperaMail, Thunderbird, Eudora, The BAT, Seamonkey, Pocomail, Sylpheed, Mutt etc.

So, look at a situation in which you want to mount MBOX files for FREE and it’s quite understandable that you will look for some way to read MBOX files and for that you can find MBOX File Reader online for free which will mount your corrupted/damaged files easily and this software doesn’t require any need of email clients mentioned above. The MBOX Viewer supports all versions of Windows Operating Systems. It is absolutely Freeware solution and provides complete results.

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