How to Retrieve Deleted Data from Hard Disk without any corruption

The hard disk is a crucial part of the computer machine. To start up the machine and to work properly, hard disk must be needed by the machine. It is a hardware device to store the crucial data and it provides a functionality to access particular data quickly.

There would be so many users who are in a big trouble to get the data back while they have deleted it. The data loss can be happened due to many reasons like – deletion of data knowingly or unknowingly, emptying recycle bin, insertion of harmful things, system corruption, system/disk formatting, applying cut-paste method and rest all other issues for permanent deletion of files. But those all users are unable to back up the data while it has been lost.

After all these disasters, what is the appropriate solution which is suitable for each situation?

In all the above situations mentioned in above section, some or almost all the users would have crucial data file in the hard disk and it was deleted with the other files accidentally. So they want to retrieve deleted data from hard disk in any condition.

I’m here to share my experience about the retrieval of permanently deleted data. I was also in a problem i.e. I had a folder my system’s ‘D’ drive which I wanted to move in another drive. When I was doing this task by cut-paste procedure but after pressing the keys to cut it, accidentally I had pressed keys to delete. That deleted data was too important for me and I wanted to retrieve it in any condition.

So, I’m worried about how to retrieve deleted data from hard disk?

After many searched results, I found various tools to retrieve deleted data from hard disk or from any disk partition or any media storage device. At last I was recommended by my friend to use Data Recovery Wizard to retrieve data. It helped me a lot to retrieve my entire data in the exact format in which it was before deletion.

Some other functionality are given in downward section:

  • Able to retrieve data while it is lost by any technique or any disaster.
  • The tool is able to retrieve all types of data whether it could be an image, a text file, a ppt, an application file, an audio file or a video.
  • It does also not have any limitation to retrieve only a limited number of files or a fixed size of files.
  • The data can be retrieved from any drive whether it is external or internal.
  • Provides an option to preview the data before saving it. In other words, users are allowed to save only selected files.
  • It can work with entire editions of Windows operating systems.

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