How to Export DreamMail to Outlook in bulk process

I was a user of DreamMail in my previous years and I used this as a primary email client. So, I have lots of emails from DreamMail which I want to save them in Outlook that is the most popular email program.

I am in a trouble and I have emails in DreamMail which I can use as proof but DreamMail has been retired, so I’m unable to get emails from DreamMail. Therefore, I want to save them in Outlook directly without requiring DreamMail installation.

Whereas, no one thinks about any solution that doesn’t require the primary email client installation to save emails from that email app. So, users are unable to find such kind of solution which can convert emails from DreamMail to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 & other below versions without DreamMail configuration needed.

Before suggesting for any solution, it would be helpful to know about both of the email applications – DreamMail & Outlook. Whereas, DreamMail uses .eml files to save emails one by one but Outlook uses .pst file to save complete data. DreamMail is not so popular than Outlook so users are moving from DreamMail to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 etc.

Now come to the solution to convert emails from DreamMail to Outlook which will help you to save emails in PST format. I was looking for an effective solution or any manual method by which I could perform the task.

As we know that Outlook doesn’t support any import option to save emails from DreamMail as well as DreamMail also doesn’t support any option to export emails to Outlook. So, there is no possibility for manual method that’s why there is the last choice for me to use any external software.

Here, DreamMail to Outlook Converter is found to export emails from DreamMail to Outlook but firstly we have to get .eml files from DreamMail to use this software. The .eml files can be created easily by applying “drag & drop” method on any email. After that, this converter can be used to save emails in Outlook PST format.


  • The software supports dual methods to convert emails. Users are allowed to convert emails individually or in batch mode.
  • In batch mode, any number of files without any limitation can be added to convert.
  • The tool is capable to create a new PST file for all .eml files.
  • DreamMail configuration is not required to convert emails into Outlook. That means, non-configured emails can also be converted.
  • Emails are converted with all the attached items without any modification and all other details are also kept intact by this software during conversion.
  • It is a Windows platform independent tool that can be used at any edition of Windows OS.

The DreamMail to Outlook gives an opportunity for users to investigate its efficiency before purchasing. They can grab this opportunity by downloading its demo version which can convert all the emails as licensed version but gives stamp “Demo” on all the files. Read More >>

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