Get Quick Solution to Save MSG as PDF from Outlook with Attachments

I am a user of Microsoft Outlook and I have thousands of .msg files that I want to save them in .pdf format to prepare a report for my project. But I am unable to save msg file as pdf format that is viewable only in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I am looking for a professional approach to do this.

As we all know that Outlook is the most common email client that is widely using by millions of users in each direction of the world so, there would be so many users who are getting trouble regarding to save msg as pdf format.

To solve this task to save msg as pdf effortlessly, there are many techniques available across the world. But you must have sufficient knowledge about both of the file formats before using any technique. Here, we will talk about msg & pdf file first. MSG file is mainly created for Microsoft Outlook and is used to save an independent message.

While PDF file is created to save entire explanation about any premise. As it shows that it is a typically file for documentation which can be of any length with any number of fonts & images. It is especially developed to create e-books etc. But now it is using as presentations, reports etc.

We all have known about both the file formats, one is to save email and another is to save a documented file. So there is no similarity between both of files that makes conversion more difficult. On the other side, users are in trouble – 

how to save msg file to pdf

There should be a manual mechanism available among in presented many techniques to save msg file as pdf format. That manual mechanism can be helpful for users who are actually paying an attention for this conversion. That manual method is mentioned in upcoming section:

Follow Steps to Know about How to Save MSG File as PDF

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and select any email which you want to save as pdf format
  • Go to File Menu and select Save As… option
  • Choose HTML format to save that email at any location
  • Navigate that HTML formatted file and open with that Microsoft Word
  • Go to Office button and select Save As…
  • Now select PDF format to save your file

This is the complete procedure to save msg as pdf format manually but only a single file can be saved at once in all these steps. This is also not helpful to save msg as pdf with attachments. It is capable to save only that type of emails which have only plain text without any attached item or any special formatting.

Over these disasters, users will prefer an external solution that is adaptable to save msg as pdf without any corruption in crucial data files. There are many tools presented in market to save msg file as pdf but I will prefer to suggest you MSG to PDF Converter. Because I have a personal experience with this tool that gave me accurate results after completion of process with multiple specialties such as –

  • Different file naming options are given by this software to help users according to their requirements. Any file can be renamed as per given formats in options.
  • Emails will be saved with attachments by providing saving options for them in separate folder or by embedding in pdf file.
  • MSG files are saved by dual mechanisms that is – single msg file as well as several msg files can be saved at once in just few clicks. Several msg files means any number of msg files can be saved in pdf format without any restriction.
  • MSG files from all versions of Microsoft Outlook are accepted by this software to save them as pdf format.
  • It can be run on any version of Windows OS to save msg as pdf format that means it is consistent with Windows family.

The MSG to PDF Converter also has a special quality by offering a trial facility to help users by which they can check the capability of this tool. This trial version can save one msg file into pdf format as same as actual file. Read More >>

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One comment on “Get Quick Solution to Save MSG as PDF from Outlook with Attachments
  1. charles adams says:

    this is post is really helpful and the methods given here are simple and easy to use .. and this software too is reliable!!

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