How to Import Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook 2013

As I have discussed earlier in my previous blog post about both of the email clients such as – Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook and their file formats like – dbx & pst. Both of the email clients have some similarities with each other like – both are discovered by Microsoft and both file formats are for storing mailboxes with several emails.

But why users are switching from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook while both file formats are used to save mailboxes?

Many of the Outlook Express users want to move towards Outlook because Outlook is more popular among users than Outlook Express. Outlook is widely using email client by home users and organization employees. It is more secure than Outlook Express because it saves entire data only in a single PST file that is named as Outlook .pst.

On the other side, all users want to connect with modern technologies but Outlook Express is tool old email client that is used by a little user in these days. Because Microsoft has been launched many other operating systems after Windows XP and Outlook Express is default email client of this operating system. When this operating system was launched then it had attracted most of the users towards itself but now it has been lost its curiosity.

Now another query is produced i.e. How to import Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook 2013 & other versions with attachments?
Users have been disturbed about the conversion of Outlook Express DBX files to PST format but they have gone blank after too much thinking about conversion.

After thinking, they searched for options in both email clients and at last, they got a manual method. Users have a manual way to export Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook 2013 & below versions but they are unable to fetch their attachments in manually imported files. Outlook 2013 is the latest version which is without an option i.e. import files from Outlook Express while below versions have this option. This manual method is suitable only for same machines but not for different machines.

So users are searching for the perfect solution by which they can import Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook 2013 with attachments and the users don’t want to waste their time by using that conversion solution as like manual method.

I am here with an ideal solution which I have used that. It was also recommended to me and it is really great software which gave me accurate results by keeping entire emails’ details safe in a small time unit. That software is named as – DBX to PST Converter. It provided me exact results with creation of new PST file. So I am suggesting you to use DBX to PST Converter to import Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook 2013 & below versions with attachments on different computer.

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