How to Export Thunderbird Email to PDF

How can I export MBOX files from Thunderbird to PDF format?

An MBOX file is a commonly used electronic mail extension and that can store several emails with in a single file. Whole messages in a mailbox are saved as a plain text file in a string and each message starts with “from” and ends with a blank line. Lots of MBOX files users want to include their emails in any project report, software/hardware presentation but they are incapable to use or add them directly. As we know that PDF is safe and documented file format, so users want to store emails in PDF format that is readable only in Adobe Reader.

There is no straight approach existing to add MBOX files in a doc file i.e. PDF file. Only formatting of MBOX file can be maintained exactly in PDF file but you cannot export Thunderbird email to PDF format by any manual technique.

If any manual technique is there to export emails from Thunderbird to PDF format, but there is no guarantee for safe conversion and it can also take too much time to export emails. Because any manual method can export only one file at a time and can export only content without attachments. So it is not suitable for users who have so many attachments.

Here, a flawless software is presented i.e. MBOX to PDF Converter that exports complete mailbox with several emails from Thunderbird to PDF format. It allows users to save their valuable time and it keeps 100% accurateness during the whole process to export Thunderbird mails. It has various constituents which are very important to give preference to this MBOX to PDF Converter.

  • Dual choices for conversion:  Now users can enjoy to export emails in bulk from Thunderbird to PDF by choosing “Add Folder having .mbox file(s)” button given on interface. Users are also permitted to export emails separately.
  • File Naming Options: The software offers 9 different naming choices by which users can make access easier. If they don’t want to give name to any file or if they want to store files in numbers then select “Auto Number” option.
  • Options to save attachments: This MBOX to PDF Converter also provides facility to save attachments in dual manner. You can save attachment by embedding in PDF file or in a separate folder.
  • Preservation of MBOX attributes: The tool maintains the complete accuracy until the conversion process doesn’t come to an end. It keeps entire details of emails like – metadata, formatting, properties, folder pattern etc unchanged.
  • Consistency with Windows platform: The software is competent with entire versions of Windows operating systems to perform the process to export emails from Thunderbird to PDF format.

Still, have any confusion about processing or efficiency then you can try it first with free trial version Read More >>

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