How to Move Mail from Netscape to Outlook with Attachments

As we all know that email has been become the best communication medium for professional or personal use in a very short time duration just because of today’s advanced technologies. The main reason for popularity is – it is quick and easy way to be in touch with friends, family, co-workers and business clients in the business world. It is playing a major role in the medium of communication and one of preferred form of communication.

Advantages of Emails:

  • Email is a quicker way to communicate and doesn’t take much time to transfer from one user to another.
  • Emails are easy to receive & send and simple to understand. You can add short or brief information.
  • It is a free of cost communication medium and you can communicate without any production or material cost.
  • Emails are widely using by every community such as – independently, groups and business.

To use email service, you require an email client. There are various email clients are available in the market with several features such as – user friendly interface, large storage capacity etc. But here, we will discuss about Netscape and Microsoft Outlook. Further we will go over the query i.e. how to move mail from Netscape to Outlook but you should know the basics of both email clients. To gain basic knowledge of these email clients, both are described below in short.


It is a famous email application created by Mozilla. You are enabled to receive & send emails and also supported to manage them by this email client. Firstly you have to create an account to use its functionality and there is no limit for account addition. The Netscape email app stores emails in MBOX format.

Locate Netscape Store Folder: To navigate the store location of Netscape emails, follow the given instructions:

  1. Launch Netscape email app
  2. Go to Edit Menu and Select Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings
  3. Select Local Folders given on left panel and copy the path location of Local Directory
  4. Now open Search window
  5. Paste that copied path in the search address bar and click on Go
  6. Rename the file with .mbox extension which is stored without any extension at that location.

Now, you will get MBOX files from Netscape.

Microsoft Outlook: It is the best and most popular email client in the world that is developed by Microsoft. It is comes bundled with Microsoft Office Suite although you can purchase it individually as a single application. It is more popular than Netscape and with more advanced features such as – calendar, task manager, journal creation which isn’t available in any email client.

How to get PST file from Outlook?

To get PST files, follow given steps:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook


  • Go to File menu and select Data FIle Management Option


  • Click on Account Settings tab and then go with Data Files Tab


  • The PST file and location will be shown and close.

How to move mail from Netscape to Outlook with attachments?

MBOX and PST are common file formats and work same too. Both file formats are used to store a single mailbox with several emails. Netscape doesn’t support for PST file and Outlook doesn’t support for MBOX file so there is a need to export Netscape Mail to Outlook. While Netscape supports to import emails from Outlook but doesn’t export to Outlook directly. So to export mail from Netscape to Outlook, an external help is required to do this task efficiently.

You can use Netscape to Outlook Converter to move your emails from Netscape to Outlook. It is a powerful solution to export mail from Netscape to Outlook by safeguarding entire details of emails along with attachments. It also provides some important features and they are discussed below:

  • It provides you a very important specialty to save much time during the conversion from Netscape to Outlook by using batch mode conversion option.
  • It converts MBOX file to a Unicode PST file and creates that PST file during the process to export Netscape mail to Outlook.
  • It has the competency to work on all versions of Windows operating systems.

Read More for further information >>

  • t provides you a free demo facility to check Netscape to Outlook Converter tool’s capability for conversion.
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