How to Convert Pegasus Mail to Outlook in Batch Mode

Get Smart Solution to convert emails from Pegasus to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 & also 2016!

Pegasus is a freeware email client that was released for internal & external emailing on MS – DOS users after that it was ported to MS Windows OS. It is perfect for single and multiple users on stand – alone systems for emails on LANs. It is also suitable for portable tools like USB drivers. Pegasus email client saves files in mailbox as in .pmm format.

MS Outlook is by default associated with Microsoft Office. It is commonly used by many organizations to connect with their employees. Employees can connect with each other immediately and can share information among multiple users. The MS Outlook saves its single file as .msg and mailbox as .pst. It is a fully featured email client including with calendar, task manager & contact manager etc.

Why Pegasus Mail Converter is required?

I was a user of Pegasus email client but now I’m using MS Outlook 2013 in my new organization and I have to be in touch with other colleagues. So I have to switch from Pegasus email client to Microsoft Outlook but I don’t have any idea to export Pegasus mail to Outlook where this mail client doesn’t provide any direct option to convert Pegasus Mail to Outlook.

For converting Pegasus mail folders to Outlook, would any one of you like to suggest me about any conversion software which is perfect to do this task successfully?

In this blog, we’ll discuss about Pegasus Mail Converter to Convert Pegasus Mail to Outlook without loss of any important information. It provides protection and authenticity to users for Converting Pegasus mail folders to Outlook. It also gives some more qualities for users:

  • The Pegasus mail converter has the ability to detect default location of PMM files automatically. If you have stored these files at any other location then you have to locate the location and select PMM files which you want to convert into Outlook.
  • It is also able to convert multiple PMM files instantly in bulk i.e. it supports batch mode conversion process. It generates a new PST file for all PMM files during procedure for converting Pegasus mail folders to Outlook.
  • The Pegasus mail converter supports to remain emails attachments and their formatting unmodified. It also preserves email formatting & Meta data intact and actual folder architecture.
  • This conversion software is perfect for all MS Outlook editions to view converted emails and Windows Operating Systems to convert Pegasus mails to Outlook.Trial facility is also offered to check this tool’s adaptability which can convert 5 PMM files into MS Outlook. Read More >>
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One comment on “How to Convert Pegasus Mail to Outlook in Batch Mode
  1. macallason says:

    This blog is very helpful. I used this solution it also worked properly.

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