How to Convert Outlook email to PDF with Attachments:

Perfect solution to convert email attachments from without modification

The MSG file is initially developed for Microsoft outlook email client and it uses .msg format to save single MS Outlook email in the system. An MSG file contains plain ASCII format in meta data, attachments, text and hyperlinks in main message body.

A PDF file is with its full name “Portable Document Format” file. It is used to prepare Presentation, Project Report etc. A PDF file stores full description of any topic that contains any number of fonts, images and graphics.

How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF with attachments

Many times, there is a necessity of Outlook Email to PDF Converter to convert Outlook emails into Adobe PDF format. These Outlook to PDF converted emails can be embedded in any project report where you are unable to insert emails directly to the word document. As you all know that MS Outlook doesn’t provide any export option to direct PDF format as well as Adobe Reader doesn’t has any import option directly from the MS Outlook. So you can convert by another method, it could be manual method or third party conversion method.

You can select manual method to convert Outlook emails to PDF format by following these steps:

  • Launch MS Outlook application and open MSG file
  • Select File Menu
  • Go with Save As
  • Select .html format at your desired location
  • Open saved .html formatted file in MS Word
  • Click on File Menu of MS Word
  • Go with Save As
  • Choose .pdf format to save file into PDF format

But this process is time consuming procedure for single file conversion as well as it can’t convert MSG files into PDF format with attachments. To convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments, you have to choose any third party solution.

You can go with Outlook Email to PDF Converter as that third party solution which is reliable, secure and quicker conversion process. This conversion process has some more constituents:

This software provides batch mode conversion process to Convert Outlook email to PDF with attachments. You can convert multiple MSG files individually or instantly. In both methods, the software generates separate PDF file for each MSG file

This MSG to PDF converter offers 10 different file naming options to save converted emails as per user’s requirements. You can select any option among these – subject+ date (DD-MM-YYYY), Date + From + Subject, From + Subject + Date, etc. It can make access easier to find any particular email after conversion.

This conversion program provides dual options “Save Attachments & Embed in PDF” and “Save Attachments in separate folder” to save attachments after conversion. This tool maintains initial folder structure of emails and email formatting, attributes & attachments intact.

The tool is the perfect solution to convert files of all MS Outlook editions. It is also capable to work on any Windows OS platform, so that this tool is completely platform independent. Read More >>

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2 comments on “How to Convert Outlook email to PDF with Attachments:
  1. janerosehunt says:

    It is helpful post for Outlook convert to Adobe pdf, I used it and utilize it to easily convert Outlook to adobe reader.

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks for you suggestion. You can also try PST to PDF Converter utility that offers 100% assurance of success result to users. With PST to PDF Converter utility you can easily achieve the conversion of Outlook emails to PDF format along with attachments on any Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS platform.

    See More Info here:


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