How to Export eM Client to PDF Manually

E-Mail is electronic mail used for transferring the data from one user to another that is stored in a computer. It consists of text, images, attachments, chat etc. Ray Tomlinson send the first electronic message in 1971. There are many e-mail client available through which we can send and receive the mails. If we are making use of e-mail client then it is necessary to have a connection with the server that can delivers your messages as well as stores your messages which is provided by the organization or Internet Service Provider.

The most popular E-mail client available is eM client and it is used for sending and receiving the messages. It helps in managing the contact information, calendar etc. eM client was originally developed in 2005. eM client include the platforms that are fully supported i.e. Gmail, Icewarp, and Apple server. eM client is available in 12 languages. It runs on all the versions of windows and Microsoft introduced inbuilt eM client in windows 8 store. It is user friendly. It helps in synchronizing the contact, e-mails, calendars, other services and servers. You can easily import the data from different e-mail client which include thunderbird, Outlook, The Bat etc. It fully supports touch enabled devices like laptop, tablets etc. eM client supports many services whether it would be G-mail, iCloud or more. In a second we can easily find the attachment, contact or mail.

While PDF is Portable document file format and it is the extension of Adobe Acrobat file format. Developed by Adobe system in 1933. The specification of PDF made available free of charge in 1993 by Adobe System. PDF is a file format of the organization that is controlled by Adobe and published by Indian Organization for Standardization. PDF files are mostly used in magazine articles, product brochures etc. where the user want to store the appearance of graphics online. Areas where PDF is mostly needed.

  • Help desk people
  • Graphic development
  • Online distribution of printed document

How to get the eM Client to PDF Conversion

Both eM client mail and PDF has different file format. So it is difficult for the user when user wants to convert the eM client Mail to PDF according to its requirement. So, to overcome with this problem there is available two method to convert eM Client to PDF –

  1. Manual
  2. Alternate

Manual Conversion is helpful to export eM Client to PDF. For that Open eM Client and follow the method –

  1. Firstly collect all eM Client emails as .eml files for that go with File menu >> Export and export to .eml


  1. Open resultant .eml files with MS Word

eml-to-pdf12 Now your file is open in MS Word then go to File Menu .


3.  Save as the file in .pdf file format


But the Manual Conversion has few drawback to Eport emails from eM Client to PDF like Time Consuming, Data loss, No batch conversion, One by One process and doesn’t save attachments.

So, the alternative eM client to PDF converter is more useful than the manual process that supports complete, safe and simple migration process to do this task. By using this converter user can easily Export eM client to PDF. It supports batch conversion. User can add folder and click on convert option, the whole folder will be converted into PDF file format. There is no time consuming as compared to manual conversion. Data is maintained during the whole conversion process. Data Folder structure is maintained so there will be no loss of data. It supports rich text formatting and the BEST thing is that it is available at most affordable charges. Read More >>

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