How to Import from eM Client to Thunderbird

eM Client Mail- It Mail is a window based email client that helps in sending and receiving mails, managing calendars, contacts and task. It was developed as a user friendly app for e-mail client User. It supports all major platform like Gmail, Icewarp, Apple server etc. It is full featured email client with a modern and easy to use interface and supports EML format to export emails.

Thunderbird- It is open source, free, news, cross platform email and chat client developed by Mozilla foundation. Features like, saved search, quick search, folders (“virtual folders”), advanced message filtering etc., help to manage and find messages. Thunderbird supports MBOX format.

eM Client to Thunderbird Conversion

eM client and Thunderbird both supports different file format. This arise the problem for users, if users want to import from eM Client to Thunderbird. Because eM Client supports export option only for .eml, .xml, .vcf, .ics


And the Thunderbird supports .mbox format to save emails. So, to overcome with the problem we had to go with the third party solution, which is the only method that helps to quickly, safely & surely provide conversion from eM Client to Thunderbird.

eM Client to Thunderbird Converter is one such solution that can easily Import from eM Client to Thunderbird. The software has formatting feature, user can easily format according to its need. The software can convert multiple eM client mail files at a time in just a few seconds. This converter make work easy for the user.


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