eM Client Converter to Convert eM Client Emails

emclienttooutlookAre you using eM Client for email communication and due to any reason, you have to change your email app from eM Client into other emails app and having need to export emails from eM Client? Then the better option is eM Client Converter that is helpful to do this job because eM client cannot directly export emails in other email client.

Although eM Client is good email app and like this, market has also several smart emails apps like Microsoft Outlook. Because in these days, Microsoft Outlook is most popular app among users, organizations or companies due to the default app of Microsoft Office package and its advance features like calendars, notes, export import option and other professional features.

In Such situation the eM Client Converter helps to export eM Client emails to MS Outlook and provides opportunity to convert eM Client emails with multiple folders option that helps to convert multiple folders of eM Client emails to PST and generates new separate .pst file for each folder of eM Client. So you can also enjoy the conversion on large scale.

To use the solution, Open eM Client and go to –

  • File Menu >> Export Option,



  • Then choose Export to .eml files option & click on Next Button.


  • Tick on Check all option then click on Next Button


  • Now Browse the location to save exported .eml files


Using the above process, collect all eM Client emails (.eml files) format in one folder (EML Folder). Now use the Following solution for further conversion  –



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