How to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF – know with Manual Method

Hi guys,

wlmtopdfIf you have Windows Live Mail or want to convert .eml files into PDF file format you cannot export Windows Live Mail emails to PDF directly because there is no option but when I was searching a manual method then I got a trick to export Windows Live Mail to PDF manually but it is suitable only for few emails, because it have to done one by one from Windows Live Mail emails into PDF. If you have few emails and have patience to do the conversion one by one then Follow the procedure otherwise you have to go with third party tool like Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter.

During the searching of Live Mail to PDF Conversion, I also found an external Converter tool which helps those users who have thousands of files for migration from Windows Live Mail to PDF. Although I have tested it but if you have needed to do this, then you can also try it. The tool has trial feature so you can also try it before getting its license key for unlimited migration. If you have not much time and want quick migration then you can use the tool because it has Batch feature which export all files from Windows Live Mail to PDF in single round processing.

Now Here, I am explaining the manual method to export Windows Live Mail to PDF one by one. Follow the mentioned steps –

For migration of Windows Live Mail to PDF, firstly we have to collect all files from Live Mail at any other location like desktop. So go to Windows Live Mail message store location –

In Windows 8 OS: C:\Users\windows8\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

In Windows 7 OS:  C:\Users\Users Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

Now collect all files from WLM at a location then you will see that all are saved in .eml extension. Then select single EML file and open with MS Word –


Now Go to File Menu –


Choose Save as Option –


Now browse any location to save File and choose .PDF option as saving Option.


Now Navigate to the location where you saved .pdf file then you will see the resultant file is in .pdf file format. Repeat this process again & again. I know this process is very lengthy but there is no another option except third party tool and If you have large number of files for migration into PDF then it better to go with Third Party Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter that will not only export all files from Live Mail to PDF but also provide 100% accuracy for migration.

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One comment on “How to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF – know with Manual Method
  1. Jane Hunt says:

    I used the EML to PDF Converter. It supports a superior platform for converting my all emails in single click from .eml to .pdf. I can easily save time due to the speedy process of the program.


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