How to Convert MSG Files to PDF –Know with Manual Process

msg-to-pdfIf you are having .msg files and would like to convert into .pdf file format then surely you will find the manual process to convert MSG files into PDF but after surfing and observing, I found that it can be possible manually but it processing have to be done one by one. For manual process, It is required that you have much time to do the conversion of MSG files into PDF. But you have not much time and want immediate conversion for huge numbers of .msg file to .pdf migration, better option is that you should go with external tool or program that doesn’t only save your time but also provide complete and safe process.

I had experience in both process with manual & conversion tool. Firstly I try to convert MSG files into PDF manually but it was doing with one by one procedure and I have not much time so I choose the MSG to PDF Converter that helped me to convert my 2000+ MSG files into PDF within few mouse clicks.

It supports Batch option to convert MSG files to PDF in single conversion round and it has a benefit that it provides opportunity to save attachments along with PDF file or in separate Folder. I suggest you to try it because it supports free demo features to understating its efficiency.

But if you have few MSG files to convert into PDF file format then you can follow the given procedure to Transfer MSG into PDF –

  • Open .msg File in Outlook (if you not have MS Outlook then first Install it)


  • then go to File Menu


  • Now go to Save As option


  • Save File in .html format at any location


  • Now Open saved .html file in MS Word


  • You will see that .msg file is open in MS Word and Now go to File Menu


  • Go to Save As Option


  • Now choose .pdf format to save file into PDF.


Now you can acquire the MSG file into PDF file format. Now again repeat this process one by one. Now you can see that the manual process is lengthy so if you have very few files to convert MSG files from Outlook into PDF then you will not have any problem but if you have large number of files then I suggest going with MSG to PDF Converter tool. (

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2 comments on “How to Convert MSG Files to PDF –Know with Manual Process
  1. jamespattrick says:

    I tried both solution for converting msg files to pdf and found that both are useful but the third party tool is most helpful. I like it.

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  2. macarioson0 says:

    Really Helpful post. I agree this solution, because I tried it and observed that it is perfect solution.

    Liked by 1 person

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